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Interprotein Corporation discovers innovative therapeutics, which modulate Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI), in order to improve the lives of patients suffering from serious diseases

We are mainly focusing on the drug discovery researches of PPI modulators using two platform technologies, INTerprotein's Engine for New Drug Design (INTENDD®) and helix-loop-helix peptide (HLHP), and finding new molecular entities (NMEs) for small molecule and peptide drugs, respectively. We believe that our two platform technologies enable us to generate lead compounds for both extracellular and intracellular PPI drug targets.

What's New

Sept.20,2016New York Medical College and Interprotein Announce Research Partnership Agreement on Drug Discovery Research for small molecule PPI Inhibitors
Apr.25,2016Interprotein Corporation and A.I. Squared, Inc. Sign a Joint Research and Development AI Drug Discovery Agreement
Nov.19,2015Ipsen and Interprotein enter into a research collaboration for novel peptides in endocrinology
May.05,2015Masto Hosoda, CEO&PRESIDENT, gave a keynote lecture on SPACE PROTEIN Project Kickoff Symposium.
Dec.15,2014Adoption of the subject that Interprotein has applied as a subject for A-STEP
Mar.20,2014Participation of Interprotein in the space experiment for generation of high-quality protein crystals in "Kibo"
Nov.25,2013Adoption of conformationally-constrained peptide (MicroAntibody) binding to vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) as a subject for A-STEP