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With twin platform technologies, Interprotein provides highly active modulators for protein-protein interaction (PPI) targets.

Our proprietary technology (INTENDD®) is built upon a different conceptual foundation from MD-based docking simulation methods, generating highly active compounds with unique scaffolds.

On the other hand, our newly constructed libraries of helix-loop-helix peptide achieved a near 100% success rate in identifying strong binders with KD values in low nanomolar range.

Change drug discovery

At Interprotein, we strive to revolutionize drug discovery with our expertise in analyzing and exploiting protein-protein interaction (PPI) interfaces to design and create PPI modulators. Targeting PPIs for therapeutic intervention with small molecules have long been postulated as plausible, but the number of authentic PPI inhibitors on the market is limited.

As the success of therapeutic antibodies shows, PPIs are proven targets especially for cell surface receptors and growing interests are being focused on PPI modulators in the increasingly difficult R&D environment in drug discovery due to less and less druggable targets after easy targets are already harvested. Protein-protein "interactomes" predict the number of putative PPIs in the range between 130,000 to 650,000. Therefore, we are actually seeing a sea of druggable targets in front of us. Yet, many of us are still struggling to exploit PPI interfaces for the development of PPI modulators.

We believe that we can change this situation with our twin proprietary technologies; INterprotein’s ENgine for new Drug Design, (INTENDD®) , a structure-based drug discovery (SBDD) strategy for small molecules, and helix-loop-helix peptide, a conformationally-constrained peptide with a unique modality.


With INTENDD®, we aim to develop and provide an in silico drug design platform specialized for producing small molecule PPI modulators, and extend this technology to establish an AI-based drug discovery program.

Helix-loop-helix peptide

Alternatively, we have developed extremely diverse libraries of helix-loop-helix peptides for phage-display screening. Phage-displayed random peptide screening enables us to achieve a near 100% success rate in identifying active peptides with high affinity and high specificity to PPI targets. In addition, we can easily modulate pharmacokinetic profiles via multiple approaches.

Our promise

Through collaborative R&D efforts, we will fully exploit our twin technologies for small molecules and peptides to identify highly active modulators against previously intractable PPI interfaces. We commit to turning current biologics (antibodies and soluble receptors)-based PPI inhibitions into more patient-friendly therapies with small molecule and/or peptide PPI modulators to change patients’ lives.

What's New

Aug.08,2022 Interprotein Announced Collaborative Research Agreement with SANWA KAGAKU on Drug Discovery Research for PPI Inhibitor
Feb.16,2022 Interprotein and SPERA PHARMA enter into an agreement for comprehensive collaboration in small molecule and peptide drug R&D
Jan.07,2022 Publication of The Research Paper on Drug Repurposing Study for COVID-19 Treatment with Orally Active Drugs
Apr.08,2021 Interprotein Announces Collaborative Research Agreement with IWAKI SEIYAKU for Anti-COVID-19 Drug Discovery
Mar.15,2021 LEQUIO PHARMA and Interprotein Announce Collaborative Research Agreement on Potential Assessment of Curcumin and Curcumin Analogs/Derivatives as Anti-COVID-19 Drugs
Sept.30,2020 Article: Interprotein Corporation (Interprotein) to identify inhibitors for an undisclosed protein-protein interaction (PPI) target in collaboration with Janssen Biotech Inc.
Sept.08,2020 Article: Interprotein Announces Collaboration with Janssen Biotech, Inc. for Drug Discovery Research Targeting PPI
Jun.20,2020 Assay Result of Repurposing Drug Candidates for COVID-19
Apr.30,2020 Interim Result of Drug Repurposing Examination for COVID-19
Sept.18,2019 Publication of the journal including an article written by Hirotsugu KOMATSU, Ken IKEDA, Takeshi TANAKA and Takao MATSUZAKI
Aug.26,2019 Announcement on the update of introduction article of Interprotein in the “Bio Venture Directory” published by Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA)
Aug.20,2019 Announcement on the lecture by Masato HOSODA, CEO and President in the EY Life Science Symposium
Jul.8,2019 Announcement on the lecture by Masato HOSODA, CEO and President in the 59th Workshop of the 169th Committee on Structural Biology using Diffraction Techniques
Mar.20,2019 Publication of the journal including an article written by Hirotsugu KOMATSU, Takeshi TANAKA, Takao MATSUZAKI
Sept.12,2018 Introduction of Interprotein Corporation in BenchSci’s expanding list of exceptional Biotech companies engaged in Artificial Intelligence
May.17,2018 Joint research project “Development of Radioprotection Drug” has won the Osaka City Innovative Creation Grant
May.16,2018 AI-guided INTENDD®, Interprotein’s AI drug discovery platform based on deep learning of binding structures of small molecules and target proteins, is transitioning into a practical stage
Feb.2,2018 "Pharmacological activity value prediction system of compound by AI (depth learning)" has been registered as program copyright.
Oct.6,2017 A paragraph on AI-guided INTENDD® has been added.
Oct.5,2017 We will be attending BioJapan 2017 from October 11-13 (Wed-Fri).
Oct.4,2017 Dr. Takeshi Tanaka, the general manager of Drug Design lab gave a presentation titled "The Contribution of Entropy in Drug-Protein Binding" at the CBI annual meeting 2017 on 3rd October.
Oct.3,2017 On October 10th, we'll be attending the "European Biotech and Pharma Partnering Conference, Osaka 2017".
Aug.21,2017 Dr. Takeshi Tanaka, the manager of Drug Design lab, published an article in the journal of Medical Science Digest.
Jul.21,2017 We have renewed our web site! and also started Twitter, please follow us!
Jul.18,2017 Dr. Matsuzaki, the head of Drug Design lab, contributed a section to the Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence (The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Edition), which was published on July 10, 2017.
Jul.11,2017 On July 25th, Masato Hosoda, CEO, will give a presentation at the KANSAI seminar titled “Kansai in the new era opened by AI” hosted by BBTower, Inc.
Jul.06,2017 On July 24th, Masaro Hosoda, CEO, will give a presentation at a symposium entitled “Realization of a society of health and longevity via application of AI and Big-data” hosted by Institution for Biomedical Research and Innovation (IBRI)
Jul.05,2017 On July 7th, Masato Hosoda, CEO, will give a presentation at “Mie university - jurisprudence and medical science joint symposium” hosted by Graduate School of Medicine, Mie University
May.30,2017 Dr. Matsuzaki, the head of Drug Design Lab, gave a poster presentation titled “True landscape of drug-protein binding” at JCUP VIII, an annual science meeting held by OpenEye Scientific Software.
Sept.20,2016 New York Medical College and Interprotein Announce Research Partnership Agreement on Drug Discovery Research for small molecule PPI Inhibitors
Apr.25,2016 Interprotein Corporation and A.I. Squared, Inc. Sign a Joint Research and Development AI Drug Discovery Agreement